Stop Anti-Asian Violence - Indian and South Asian community expresses grief and solidarity

March 20, 2021

The increase in racist attacks against Asians and the recent killings in Atlanta are very disturbing to all of us. Sadly, targeting a community based on race and national origin has been witnessed since 1885 in America.

Just during the past year there have been nearly 3,800 cases of reported violence against Asians. Fueled by political rhetoric linking Asian Americans to the dreaded COVID-19 virus, such hateful acts are deeply affecting the community. We are afraid that there may be more cases that went unreported.

Job losses in the auto industry due to a recession in the 1980s was the cause for the brutal baseball bat bludgeoning of Vincent Chen, a Detroit resident. Recent incidents like the attack on older Asians, while walking on the streets, appear to be a repeat of such hateful acts. This needs to STOP.

In Michigan, the Indian and South Asian communities work together with other Asian communities to build an inclusive and prosperous Michigan. We are committed to working together to ensure safety and harmony for all.

We ask local Governments, State Government, elected officials, judiciary and law enforcement to stand behind the Asian community and ensure safety.

South Asian Americans Voices for Impact
Michigan Indian Community




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