Become a US Citizen. Take advantage of Free U.S. Citizenship services
Published on 2/3/2014

Become a US Citizen. Take advantage of Free U.S. Citizenship services. Starting May 2014, new forms are 21 pages long with complicated questions on good moral character. South Asian American Voices For Impact (SAAVI) can help you apply for your U.S. Citizenship today.

SAAVI is organizing an event on April 5th Saturday in Canton. Please make use of this opportunity to get your paperwork processed soon to avoid a more complex application starting in May 2014.

SAAVI will check eligibility, complete the forms, and provide legal review.
We also file for your U.S. citizenship and provide any follow-up services required free of cost to you. For more information on eligibility and list of documents needed to file for your application, go to

Did you know that USCIS has English and Civic test exemptions? (if you are 50, 55, or 65, and have been living over 15 or 20 years you don't have to take English test. If you qualify, you may be eligible for a shortened Civics test (10 questions only, not 100). We can check if you qualify for both.

SAAVI also offers English and Civics classes for citizenship interview. Locations and dates to be determined. Need at least 8 people for each class.

Civics test study Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Bengali, Urdu are available here:

Click here to register:




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