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To create impact on the SAA community by addressing specific needs through education, advocacy, and outreach programs... [read more]


Civil Rights @ A Glance
South Asian American community’s discrimination and cultural insensitivity issues... [read more]


Press Release
SAAVI's First Year, A Great Year!
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Who we are   Announcement

South Asian Americans For a Stronger Michigan

SAAVI will be an empowering agent to pan-Asian Pacific American organizations in Michigan by providing access to groups that are dis-enfranchised due to religious and linguistic differences and to ensure we address the collective needs of the APA community. In addition, SAAVI will also work in coalition with several grassroots advocacy groups, places of worship and cultural organizations in addition to city, county, and state agencies.


SAAVI encourages all South Asian Americans to exercise their voting rights on November 6, 2018.

Whether you are a Republican,Democrat or Independant, your vote is important.We in the USA, have the privilege of choosing the folks who serve us .Let us do our job in a democratic and civil manner. We are defined by our shared American values. Life,Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness are dear to us.

Let us identify great leaders.Let us look beyond race,faith or orientation and choose lawmakers based on their core-values,track record,competence and merit.

Chandru Acharya
President ,SAAVI.
(on behalf of SAAVI Board)


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